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BUND Landesverband Sachsen

About the Project

At this point, about 26.000 asylum seekers, who are fleeing from war, terror, political prosecution or unacceptable living conditions are living in the state of Saxony.

About 4.500 of these are housed in Dresden (as of February 2017).

After the first few steps, like language and integration courses, are taken the question "What next?" arises. With RefLAct, we want to contribute a long term integration offer in Dresden.

During the course of five weekend-workshops, out participants will learn how to organise their own environmental education project. On each weekend we will focus on one environmentally relevant topic and teach methodical knowledge for working with children and teenagers.

Participant Information

Who can participate?

We want to invite young people from everywhere to register for one or more of our five weekend workshops.

A maximum of 10 people can attend for each weekend.

Please observe the following criteria:

- you are between 18 and 27 years old

- your German language skills are at least on B1 level

- you want to learn in an intercultural environment

- you are interested in environmental topics

- you like to work in a team

We welcome all people irrespective of their cultural and social heritage, migration history, religion, disability or sexual identity and are especially looking forward to registrations from refugees.


When do the workshops run?

Between October 2017 and August 2018 we are going to offer five workshops wih the following topics:

→ 13. - 15. October 2017: "Alles fließt - Environmental education regarding the topic  water"  

→ 12. -14. January 2018: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Environmental education regarding the topic (plactic)waste"

→ 23. - 25. March 2018: "Ich esse also bin ich - Environmental education regarding the topics food and agriculture"

→ 22. - 24. June 2018: "Draußen im Grünen - Environmental education regarding the topics nature and biodiversity"

→ 24. - 26. August 2018: "Give me energy - Environmental education regarding the topic energy"


These dates have been chosen in a way so there is no overlap with Ramadan.

The workshops commence on Friday 3:00 PM and end on Sunday 5:00 PM.

More information can be found in the detailed programm.


What happens after the workshops?

After attending a workshop you will get the opportunity to put the new knowledge into practice. In small teams you will organise your own environmental education project in cooperation with a kindergarten, school or youth centre. Or maybe you will film an educational video? You decide. The project manager will offer you support during that time.

In a follow-up meeting, each group will present their project to the group.

If you complete one workshop and create your own environmental education project, you will receive a participation certificate.

If you complete at least four out of the five workshops and create your own environmental education project you will receive the certificate "Certified Environmental Educationer" from BUND Dresden.


Where do the workshops run?

All five workshops are run in Dresden. Depending on the topic we will go on excursions to places of interest around Dresden and Lusatia (eastern Saxony).


How much is it?

The workshops are free for all participants. We also cover for meals and drinks.

Travel costs from places outside of Dresden and accomodation costs can not be covered.